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Developing and Applying Proficiencies

Self-Pace Course: Developing and Applying Proficiencies in a Proficiency-Based, Personalized System

Course Map

Course Goals

  • To provide an overview of the “proficiency-based” part of proficiency-based, personalized learning.
  • To raise essential questions around proficiency-based education and invite consideration and discussion.
  • To provide an opportunity to practice some of the necessary components of a proficiency-based system.
  • To introduce concepts and topics that will be addressed in much greater depth in other self-paced courses.

Educator Proficiencies Addressed by this Course

Vermont Teacher Performance Indicators

  • Content: A teacher has a deep and flexible understanding of content area(s) and draws upon knowledge to assure learner mastery.
  • Instructional Practice: A teacher understands and integrates assessment, planning, and instructional strategies to support student learning.

Vermont Principal Performance Indicators

  • Vision, Mission & Goals: A principal creates conditions that enable schools to build on their core values and beliefs.