Question 9: How do we start a continuous cycle of improvement?

Conceptual Overview

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Presentation Audio Transcript

Text-based Reflection

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Read pages 21- 30 in the Center for American Progress’s “Teacher Learning Through Assessment: How Student-Performance Assessments Can Support Teacher Learning”.
Answer the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of scoring student work together?
  • How often should teachers participate in this process?

Practice the Process

Protocols not only help to develop a collaborative culture, they can also help shape a cycle of continuous growth.

Examine these three protocols:

Brainstorm ways a school might use these protocols in a continuous cycle of growth.

Case Study Analysis

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Read this Case Study from Edwin O. High School.
Answer the following questions:

  • Where are there examples of a continuous cycle of growth?
  • What strategies were used to help develop the cycle?

More Resources

Use the three following tools to help you revise your performance assessment:

Review the Center for Collaborative Education’s Quality Performance Assessment Tools and Resources for more structured protocols related to performance assessment.​

Evidence of Learning

Be sure to record your answers to the above questions in the Evidence of Learning Tool.

Continue this Self-Paced Course

Question 10: When do students demonstrate content proficiencies and transferable skills in a personalized, proficiency-based assessment system?

Browse other questions: Developing and Applying Proficiencies

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