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Self-Paced Courses

The Vermont Professional Learning Network (VT PLN) has created a series of self-paced courses to support both novices and experts in developing and applying proficiencies in a proficiency-based, personalized system. The courses are designed for all Vermont educators, including teachers, principals, instructional coaches, curriculum coordinators, and other school leaders. They can be used by individuals, for teacher professional development, or shared learning with colleagues within Collaborative Learning Groups (CLGs), K-12 curriculum design, professional learning plans, and collaborative department meetings. It is valuable to engage in this work in collaboration with colleagues, even for those completing the course on their own.

All of the self-paced courses are designed to address the implementation of Education Quality Standards with fidelity. Education Quality Standards (EQS) were developed to support the vision that “all Vermonters have the skills, knowledge and dispositions they need to thrive in economic and civic life" and “to ensure that all students in Vermont public schools are afforded educational opportunities that are substantially equal in quality.”

Courses will address topics regarding proficiency-based instructional practices, flexible pathways, multi-tiered support systems, and local comprehensive assessment systems. 


Strategies for Completing a Comprehensive Needs Assessment