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How to Use Self-Paced Courses

Course Structure

Completing the entire course should take approximately 6 to 14 hours in total.

The course has been designed to meet needs of practitioners based on their role, experience level, and goals regarding the topic under study. If your system is in the process of developing or adopting proficiencies, we'd suggest completing the entire course. If your system has already developed or adopted proficiencies, we'd recommend identifying the topics most important for you and your colleagues to build your respective capacities.

It is divided into a series of questions so that users can either quickly find a resource that meets their needs or spend a longer period of time delving more deeply into a topic. Each addresses a question of practice and has tasks for the learner to complete, either by answering a prompt or engaging in reflection.

Glossary of Terms

Since there are many overlapping terms within the field of education about proficiency-based education, the Vermont Agency of Education has developed a glossary to ensure educators have a shared understanding of key terms. All key terms used in this course are aligned with the agency's Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements Glossary of Terms.

Navigating the Course

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Evidence of Learning Tool

Similar to prior self-paced courses published by VT PLN, this course can be used for recertification credit. If you are taking the course for credit, you should record your answers to the task prompts embedded throughout the course in the Evidence of Learning Tool document, which can serve as evidence of your learning when you approach re-certification. Please use the Evidence of Learning Tool created for each self-paced course.