Question 2: Where does proficiency development or adoption begin?

Conceptual Overview

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Presentation Audio Transcript

Text-based Reflection

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Examine the Vision of the Graduate tool.
Reflect using the following questions as a guide:

  • How could this tool be used to help districts and unions develop a common understanding of exit expectations?
  • What are similar processes used in your school or union? What is successful? What would you change?
  • How often should schools and unions revisit their Vision of the Graduate?

Practice the Process

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Answer the following questions, thinking about your experience in the world and as an educator:

  • What will it look like and sound like when a high school graduate speaks successfully in front of peers or strangers to share ideas or information?
  • What evidence can we collect from 12th grade students that will demonstrate they can speak successfully?

Adopt and Adapt

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Complete the Practice the Process above.
Examine the Vermont AOE's sample graduation proficiency statements for speaking and listening below:

  • Speaking and Listening: Initiate and participate effectively in a range of discussions, responding thoughtfully to diverse perspectives and expressing ideas clearly and persuasively.
  • Speaking and Listening: Present information, findings and supporting evidence conveying a clear and distinct perspective.

Answer the questions that follow, thinking about your experience as an educator and your experience in the world (If you are considering adopting other proficiency statements, feel free to answer the questions about that language):

  • How aligned is the language with your expectations? What is missing? What do you think is there that should not be?
  • What questions do you have about the language itself? Are there words that need clarification?
  • Will all students and parents understand this language? What about other teachers?

Case Study Analysis

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Read the case study below:

The Right Track School District wanted to create a K-12 aligned proficiency-based assessment system. They had five elementary schools, one middle school, one K-8 school, and a high school and they were committed to including all stakeholders including students, parents, and community members in the process. The curriculum coordinator Mr. Proficiency organized different events throughout the fall where stakeholders came together to share their ideas around the most important skills students needed to be successful when they left high school. He also created an online survey where stakeholders could share their ideas. In all, about fifty percent of parents and forty percent of community members participated. All 150 staff members participated and even though Mr. Proficiency was happy with the participation rate, he was overloaded with data.

Feeling overwhelmed, Mr. Proficiency spoke to the superintendent. The superintendent suggested that they take this dilemma to the district leadership team at their weekly meeting.

When Mr. Proficiency presented the dilemma, he asked this focusing question: “Now that we know the expectations of the community, should we create our proficiency statements from scratch or should we look for a set that has been produced already and use that as a springboard going forward?”

Write a list of pros and cons for each option. What suggestions would you give to Mr. Proficiency?

More Resources

Examine this sampling of graduation requirements, proficiencies, and performance indicators from across the state of Vermont for examples of different approaches to proficiency development:

Evidence of Learning

Be sure to record your answers to the above questions in the Evidence of Learning Tool.

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Question 3: How do you write a proficiency statement?

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