Question 8: How can I field test proficiency language?

Conceptual Overview

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Presentation Audio Transcript

Text-based Reflection

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Review this example of a field test collection from a school might use in its development cycle.
Answer the following questions:

  • What other questions would you ask?
  • What other data would you collect?
  • How could you use a similar mechanism to help you create an assessment map?

Practice the Process

In Question 6, there is an example of a pilot test process in the Case Study Analysis.

Design a process and a feedback mechanism or tool to field test your proficiency language, using what you know about the pilot test.

Case Study Analysis

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Read the case study below:

Almost There School District had completed the field test of their proficiency language. In reviewing the data and the feedback, they found that the content proficiency language was tested out a lot; the feedback was generally positive. However, few teachers tested out the transferable skills language despite the training on performance assessments and proficiency-based assessment. Additionally, the feedback was that the language was not usable. Mr. Reflective, the curriculum coordinator, knew he did not have enough field testing of transferable skills to move forward with full implementation at the start of the next school year. On May 1, he shared his dilemma with the teacher leaders of each school.

Answer the question:

  • As a teacher leader, what advice would you give Mr. Reflective?

More Resources

Read the following CompetencyWorks blog posts for an overview of the strategies schools, districts, and unions across the country are using to introduce proficiency- and competency-based education:

Evidence of Learning

Be sure to record your answers to the above questions in the Evidence of Learning Tool.

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