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Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning Groups (CLG) will provide focused opportunities for practitioners to collaborate. These groups will address key components of Proficiency-Based Learning, including instructional practices, flexible pathways, and local comprehensive assessment systems.  CLG will be created for principals, curriculum directors and instructional coaches. Topics of CLG discussion will be designed around the unique needs of each group.  CLG groups will meet in-person three times from January-June 2017, and online between meetings. The CLG will serve as a professional learning community to support the individual and collective efforts of schools and districts to implement PBL with fidelity. 

While two CLGs have been established in the Burlington area and in the southwest area of the state, we are looking to establish up to four additional groups.  Once those groups have been established in the new year, we will post meeting dates and registration information here. If your school or district wants to participate in any of these groups,  please contact Carisa Corrow and Michael Brownstein.